According to recent surveys and polls, one-third of people in Europe is experiencing an extreme level of stress. Despite the presence of self-help books and awareness campaigns, people still having difficulty in managing their stress. Most of the time, people who manage their stress poorly are those people who don’t know they have a problem.


Addiction is not limited to substance abuse. It could be anything excessive like smoking, too much screen time, and eating disorders. Addiction is a habit that was formed meaning you are not born with it. Addiction primarily is a response to stress. A person could turn to online shops like lazada and zalora when she feels stressed at work despite her looming financial situation. Addiction creates an imbalance that affects our well-being.

Resentment and Anger

Our circumstances can be controlled by merely making the right decision on how you will react to it. Poor stress reduction management could lead to deep resentment and anger which could escalate to depression. It is the result of playing the “blame game”. This negative behavior leads to poor relationships. A person who has deep resentment and anger finds it hard to enjoy the simple pleasures of life like traveling to Amsterdam canal tour and enjoying meaningful conversation.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

According to diet experts, stress can make you fat. You tend to turn to food to find comfort instead of actively dealing with stress in a positive and healthier way. Eating disorder is not limited to overeating at dinner cruise Amsterdam. It could be also going to an extreme diet to lose weight. Eating disorders affect your serotonin levels, the chemical responsible for your mood. This chemical is released from your gut. If you are eating too much or eating too less, it will affect your mood which leads to more stress.


Lack of Enthusiasm Towards Life

People who manage their stress poorly tend to have a lack of enthusiasm towards life. They would often perceive themselves as trapped and hopeless. Lack of enthusiasm towards life is an early sign of depression.